OO! la la Boudoir Flirtly Eugene Oregon Boudoir Photography

Every woman is sexy and too many don't know it

Be gorgeous, play dress-up, be your own fantasy. This is elegant, classy boudoir photos the way you want to show it. Email alayla@gmail.com  Phone     541 579-9929 business hours 10 -7

OO!la la Boudoir

OO! La la Boudoir is photography for you, the woman, who wants to be evoking, glamorous, haute and sexy while still being the discreet classy woman you are.
J and I shot in the early morning while the winds blew outside. She chose a boudoir session in honor of herself and a gift to herself! Yay! J.
Grand opening specials with OO! la la Boudoir Photo for a limited time! Boudoir is also known as Haute, Glamour and Pin-up photography, YOU CAN CALL BOUDOIR whatever you want. We can thank the French for the flirty little boudoir. You’ll find the meaning on this site…look around.


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OO! la la Boudoir -classy, sexy, flirty

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 Enjoy this mini slide show above.  NUDE ART PHOTOS are beautiful but we choose not to show them on this blog.

Soft and Feminine

boudoir small

Middle East Beautiful Boudoir, Sensual, provocative, haute for the man of your life or for yourself

PhotobucketIt was pouring outside but we had a blast inside creating looks for hubby that we are sure is going to make his jaw drop to the floor. Holly is already gorgeous but slash a little pink around her and Woppee she is a natural in a boudoir photo setting. See more boudoir pictures below.
Photography by Sherrlyn Borkgren

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Boudoir photography Eugene