OO! La la Boudoir Dark, Delicious, Moody Elegance

Originality, texture and mood became the theme for this shoot.
Shooting against a wine rack for texture and then I printed this picture in black and white to create a moody, delicious boudoir picture of unusual elegance. Photobucket

7 thoughts on “OO! La la Boudoir Dark, Delicious, Moody Elegance

  1. Sherrlyn thank you so much for the session. My husband loves ADORES the pictures and it feels like we are on a honeymoon all over again. I love you!!!!! Thank you

  2. Josh again, now no one has to hint to my wife she’s getting your gift certificate in you stocking. I’m sticking your boudoir gift certificate at the very bottom. Thanks for making it so easy Sherrlyn. I think this is going to be a Big confidence booster so that she can see how beautiful she is to me after 13 yrs of marriage.

  3. when you gave a talk at DIVA you said that you would give a photography workshop in eugene and I was just wondering about when and where I think I could learn a lot from you and would enjoy any photo workshop that you might give—January workshop would be awesome. I left my email.
    I’m a photographer and I would like to get a boudoir session will you let me know if you hae any boudior Sat openings. Jhona

  4. I don’t want clothes for Christmas dear.
    I would love it if my wife surprised me with boudoir pictures of her like this… hey honey did your read this?
    maybe you can have a special email for husbands to get theri wives over here?

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