OO!la la Boudoir

OO! La la Boudoir is photography for you, the woman, who wants to be evoking, glamorous, haute and sexy while still being the discreet classy woman you are.
J and I shot in the early morning while the winds blew outside. She chose a boudoir session in honor of herself and a gift to herself! Yay! J.
Grand opening specials with OO! la la Boudoir Photo for a limited time! Boudoir is also known as Haute, Glamour and Pin-up photography, YOU CAN CALL BOUDOIR whatever you want. We can thank the French for the flirty little boudoir. You’ll find the meaning on this site…look around.


Eugene Wedding Photography http://www.BorkgrenPhoto.net

3 thoughts on “OO!la la Boudoir

  1. a word from a guy….my first reaction was OMG but as my heart calmed down I realized that my beautiful wife just gave me the most awesome gift. I already know what I’ve got in her but this, this just turned my world upside down once again. will she ever cease to completely blow me away?

  2. Sherrlyn and OO! la la boudoir thank you for these pictures.
    I love how you made me look and it difinetlely knocked his socks off!!!!!!!!! So much that guess what! Now you are going to have to take our engagement pictures.. I’m so excited I’ve already started planning our wedding. I wasn’t expecting a ring at all but we are a Christmas engaged couple as of two days ago. I’ll let you know when the wedding date gets set.

    These pictures gave me so much more self confidence and I feel so proud of myself. Thank you for making me look so haute and beautifully boudoir. My J says THANKS too. XXX 000 JJ.

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