Haute Sexy, Teasing Boudoir for Him

glamor,model,eugene wedding bridal boudoir
Allure Him with Boudoir photos!
Of course we aren’t showing the whole very revealing shoot on this blog. OO! la la boudoir leaves it up to you if you want to reveal the whole booty or if you just want to show enough to perk up some interest. We also do wedding bridal boudoir and boudoir for no one but you. Images can be kept online with your secret password so you can share only with those you wish to see your photos. No photos are ever revealed without your permission first. Oregon Wedding photography can be seen at Destination Weddings here

5 thoughts on “Haute Sexy, Teasing Boudoir for Him

  1. I’ve hidden the photos and will show them to him on his birthday!!!!!! Can’t wait. AND Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. I was so shy about dong this photography shoot at first but thank you for being so helpful. He is going to LOVE them. I feel so proud of how I look now

  2. Indeed a very nice post. A picture is worth than thousands words and it can be explained via photography which is a piece of art. I am a devoted Boudoir and Intimate photographer and love photography. I have subscribed to your blog and hope you will keep up the good posts going.

    • Hey OO! la la boudoir, the picture of this sexy woman is amazing, You’ve got a great variety in boudoir that I haven’t seen anywhere-congratulations!!

      Alaska Jon
      P.S. I agree with the other comment it is so much like a painting. Beautfiul women on here too.

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