7 thoughts on “Kitchen Cookie Boudoir

  1. This has always been one of my favorite boudoir photos. It’s such a sexy teaser and the rest of the photo session was much different than these shots. It was nice to have a real pin up photo and then some more sexy romance photos in one shoot!

  2. I love all your work from this boudoir to your journalism. If you ever give a photo workshop I would be interested . Caroline Photography

  3. At first glance I likked the boudoir with the wings —so sexy and volumputuous, the pose is extreme tantalizing. the longer I look i’m fascinated with the woman by the Christmas tree. I am teased by who she is and the funky attitude. I’m curious if this might be the same woman in the wings or not?
    It’s a piece of art.

  4. definitely a PIN UP picture. I’m liking the mix of the hot hot sexy boudoir and the cuter pin-up style you have.
    I’d like to do a mixture for my photo session. Let me know how much the xtra time will be. I’m doing it for myself and it feels so different if i were tyring to do it for someone. Can’t wait for the shoot sherrlyn!

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