Smokin’ Boudoir Photo Session


Angie’s boudoir session Salem Oregon rocked. It’s normal to begin slow and build a momentum just like music and that’s exactly how Angie’s boudoir photo session progressed just like a work of Mozart. Angie shows what a girl from Salem can do when she wants! Give Him Boudoir for his birthday, anniversary, or just do it for yourself. Boudoir LOVE!

7 thoughts on “Smokin’ Boudoir Photo Session

  1. Absolutely a Yes. Do it! I hesitated for a year, feeling shy and that I’d look better later. Sher made it so easy and I was not just comfortable but it was very fun. I did this for a wedding gift and it was perfect . The only thing I would have changed would be to get Sher to be the wedding photographer because her professional attitude and quality I took her advice as to how to show J the pics of me on our honeymoon. Was the perfect surprise! Thanks for making me look amazing after 2 kids yes yes recommend sherlyna to photograph for anything. She’s an idea person.

  2. love your photography and I am very interested in taking a photography workshop from you. Will you be giving a photo workshop this summer? (I heard a rumor). I also checked out your other website and am touched by the photos in the journalism. thank you kristen

    • I like these pictures more than any boudoir photos that I’ve seen, if I could just get up the nerve to have a boudoir photo shoot session for myself. Where is the name boudoir coming from?

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