Boudoir Wall Art

holly border 720

This photo shoot was so much fun. We ate a little tiny bit of dark chocolate and giggled a bit, then we were so busy that we didn’t even stop for a cup of hot tea. Should we make ourselves have a mandatory tea break during the boudoir sessions? ART is always a part of boudoir. This will make a gorgeous wall print.

This picture is exactly how I saw it through the camera although I added the ” burn” to the edges through a a wonderful gift from my friends Kevin Kubota and Claire Kubota in Bend.

Boudoir page

Sexy is discreet and flirty. Do you think that someone you love will be surprised when they open up a little book full of pictures of you- confident, beautiful flirty, dreamy. YES YES YES! Check out the beautiful framing all ready for a boudoir book page.

Gift book boudoir