Real People Said


Holly peers out the window waiting…

all quotes are from real emailsFrom Jenn“Hey you,
Email after Jen’s Boudoir Session-
You are AMAZING! After having 5 kids I never thought that I could feel or look this sexy. Having you do my boudoir photo shoot was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. As a heavier woman I felt so empowered to do something like this boudoir. You made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. The photo shoot helped me to realize that I am still beautiful. My husband was SHOCKED, HAPPY, and EXCITED all at the same time. Thank you for everything! you are truly the BEST!!! XOXOXOX
LOVE IT!!!” Jenn

Very cute Katie says: Sherrlyn OMG!!! I LOVE my pictures. Thank you for these photos! If anyone needs a recommendation I’m all over it. You were so easy for me and I didn’t feel intimidated at all. I feel so much happier with my body now that I realize I’m a GREAT WOMAN! LOVE Katie
Gorgeous Jessica says (Jessica gave her husband pictures for their 14th anniversary)
“First his eyes popped out and he demanded, “Who took these pictures?” Then when I told him (a girl’s name) he practically melted on the floor. After 14 years my husband is looking at me like before we were married! Thank you, thank you so much for this I hope we can remain friends!
“Salem Boudoir Session

Medford Boudoir

11 thoughts on “Real People Said

  1. After having my 2 boys, my self esteem became very poor. I started to feel uncomfortable with myself. I was never undesired by my amazing husband who always told me wonderful things, I needed to love myself as well. I began my hard journey of self discipline and self control when it came to my food choices. One of the most uplifting and exciting hobbies of mine is to be in front of a camera. Sherrlyn has a way of bringing that childlike, playful spirit out of me once again! She makes you feel at home like playing dress up, and the end results are breathtaking! Her pictures definitely helped give me that confidence back and put a smile on my face. They definitely made my husband smile too. Wink. Wink.

  2. Sherrlyn you are the nicest person ever and I LOVE my pictures. Thank you for everything. I still don’t have enough confidence to have my pictures public but I am so much more confident about myself than before having my pictures.

    I can’t believe with all my bumps and bulges that you made me look so amazingly beautiful. I love you and hope we can be friends forever. hugs Jerrie
    P.S. Anyone can email me if they have hesitancy about doing boiudoir pictures!

    • Jerrie, you are so beautiful keep believing it. You would make me proud to show your boudoir pictures here but that is a personal choice. Maybe in 10 years you will understand how stunning you actually are now. Love to you dear

  3. I’m a photographer and want to congratulate you on outstanding photography from your boudoir to your journalism Very authentic and an amazing range of talent. i emailed you

  4. a word from a guy….my first reaction was OMG but as my heart calmed down I realized that my beautiful wife just gave me the most awesome gift. I already know what I’ve got in her but this, this just turned my world upside down once again. will she ever cease to completely blow me away? Guys if you are as luckiy as me you are very lucky. CJ

  5. Hey Sherrlyn I know I’m on the wrong site but I wanted to say that I am VERY impressed at your photography for the wedding of Julien and Sarah on New Year’s Eve at Valley River Inn in Eugene. I cannot wait to see all the wedidng pictures. I love the picture of them in their wedding dress at the piano! beautiful

    • I just now saw this post. Thank you so much Debbie for being such a wonderful person. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I am so pleased that I got to photograph it and meet all their wonderful friends. heh heh you did end up on this other site of boudoir but thst’s OK! xxxxoooo to you!

  6. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!! I have more confidence than I ever have. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I think I have finally brought sexy back lol XOXOXOX

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