Photography Coaching

One-on-one PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS WITH SHERRLYN BORKGREN. Get better at shooting, understanding your camera, composing, business of photography come on by. p
Are you serious enough for a portfolio consult? Sherrlyn will give you an honest review of your work, style and more. Cost is $150.

Not just another girl with a camera…Sherrlyn works for magazines worldwide, loves her clients and is an expert in photography.
Sherrlyn’s Master’s degree is in Visual Communications from Ohio University. She has worked for Dallas Morning News, San Diego Tribune, New York Newsday and more. Her clients include magazines such as Newsweek, Time, National Geographic, Save-the-Children, Financial Times, Prensa Libre, FZZ LAIF Germany. She covered the Iraq War, Congo and Latin America. She has photographed Ben Affleck, Bill Clinton, Ricardo ARJONJA, Ricky Martin and other musicians and famous.

Classes range from one-on-one one hour session to 4 hours spread out over a month of private lessons. Come by for more photography


Call for more information: 541 5799929