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Give a boudoir photo session to yourself or someone you love. The best present you can give is . . . YOU. All sessions are photographed by me. I’m a woman, professional career photojournalist for magazines.
From the first time we talk I will learn about what you want for your session. What happens? After you book your session, we will send you some great ideas and special facts that will help you prepare for your boudoir photo session. (like yes, we make stretch marks disappear). Then what happens?
When you arrive I’ll look at your wardrobe with you and help you pick out what is going to work best for your body, shape and in front of the camera.
As we shoot, I help you with the poses that make your body look strikingly beautiful and sexy. I’ll also leave some natural posing up to you that you will naturally fall into after you are warmed up. It’s challenging and it’s fun to model in front of the camera. Next…
My assistant and I will edit the photos that we believe represent you the best and put them privately online for you to start choosing. We photoshop a few so that you can see examples. If you have chosen the package with the Little Black Boudoir Book we will have the images that you select airbrushed and have a beautiful designed layout of the images in the book.
Depending upon what you order and the time of year (Christmas Valentine’s seasons are always busiest) you should get your book and prints before 2 weeks.

OO! la la Boudoir Eugene Oregon

OO! la la Boudoir Eugene Oregon

I’ll help you accomplish something beautiful to have forever. Got the jitters about it all? I can help you feel the confidence you need. Just go ahead and call there is no obligation to just talk or email.
alayaspring@gmail.com or Phone 541 579 9929

OO! la la Boudoir” celebrates the beautiful you through flirty, classy, chic boudoir photography.
Unleash the sexy bombshell within to play, create and discover yourself with a professional female boudoir photographer. Every woman who has photographed with me exclaims how the boudoir session has increased their self confidence and assurance.

I know it might feel risky, and I understand some of your worries about cellulite, weight and those horrid pictures that you have back of that hidden plastic photo album.
It’s my experience and professionalism that become your friend during these sessions. So whether you are a size 4 or a XXL, you are a beautiful woman.

Choose to be the sexy bombshell, the flirty girl, or the sassy romantic. Mix it up or choose a theme! Getting married? It is a great bridal boudoir for him as a honeymoon gift.

Women choose boudoir photography to surprise someone they love on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas. But more women are doing it just for themselves! It’s your opportunity to unleash that girl and woman in you in anyway you want-safely and openly. Dazzle someone, surprise the person you love, unleash the vixen, model, starlet, femme fatalle. Be a pin-up girl, the model, the girl next door, it’s your turn to play play play!
Sessions range from 1 hour to 2.5 hours

Call now to discuss what you would like to do and set up an appointment. Boudoir Photography in Medford, Eugene, Salem and boudoir in Portland. Southern oregon boudoir
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Beautiful & Sexy

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